Building Restoration Aurora

Building Restoration

Whether it’s a house, office building or condo tower, mother nature has a way of inflicting damage. But thankfully, there are complete restoration contractors like the ones at Avangarde in Aurora who can help breathe new life into your beloved building.

Building Restoration Aurora

Concrete Repairs

After years of baking in the hot sun in summer and freezing in the winter, concrete can start to crack and crumble. It can expose the inside of your building to mother nature’s wrath and it can be an eyesore to the beholder.

Avangarde concrete specialists can evaluate your building to identify the areas at the highest risk of developing cracks and breaks and execute a professional concrete restoration project.

Concrete Repairs AURORA

Masonry Repairs

Bricks are beautiful. They come in so many colours and do an amazing job of keeping your building protected and insulated. But they don’t last forever.

From precast concrete ledges to brick replacement and cleaning, Avangarde’s masonry and bricklaying experts can restore your old bricks — or seamlessly replace some of your existing broken ones — to give you the look you desire. 

masonry repair aurora

Sealant Replacement 

A major problem for condo and house owners throughout Aurora is the failure of old sealants and caulking on the exterior of a building. If the sealant was improperly installed or is worn out from years of exposure to the elements, insufficient caulking can lead to higher utility bills, building damage, and even insect infestations.

Trust the Avangarde team to conduct a comprehensive investigation of all caulking. We’ll provide a quick and proper fix that will instantly restore the effectiveness of all sealants on the premises.

sealant replacement aurora


Avangarde’s team specializes in waterproofing practices including foundation membrane installation and properly caulked control joins and windows.

Avoid water penetration at all costs and get an expert’s advice on how to best protect your most important investment.

Garage Structure

Parking garages are incredibly susceptible to the abuse from weather, salting and just general everyday use. Whether it’s crack repairs, crack prevention or fixing soffits and columns — the concrete restoration and parking garage restoration professionals are standing by to help you out. 

parking concrete

Concrete Repairs

We will restore your broken concrete so it not only looks like new, but so it can stand up to the rigours of Canadian summers and winters for decades to come.

Avangarde also specializes in special coatings for parking garages, from urethane to mastic asphalt, which helps your structure stand up to the crush of constant traffic while also helping to waterproof.

concrete repair aurora


Underground parking garages are very susceptible to moisture invasion. We can determine if just one section or the entire garage needs additional protection. Invasion of water and excessive moisture should be avoided at all costs.

That’s why investing in proper waterproofing practices for your building is essential to maximizing the health of the building and the environment for the occupants.

Ramp Remediation aurora

Ramp Remediation 

The ramp to your garage is an essential part of parking structure repair. It must be properly maintained to deter degradation and prevent damage to vehicles — or even injuries to the garage’s occupants! Avangarde has experts in garage ramp remediation and restoration that ensure you have proper drainage and that any cracks or breaks can be repaired promptly. 

For all of your needs concerning building restoration in Aurora, contact Avangarde today to book your free consultation.

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