Building Restoration Brampton

Building Restoration


Is your condo building, office tower or house in need of a facelift? Are years of neglect finally starting to take over your home’s cosmetic appearance, energy efficiency and structural integrity? If you’re looking for the best concrete restoration contractors in Brampton, Avangarde is here to help.

Building Restoration Brampton

Concrete Repairs

Southern Ontario’s blistering hot summers and frightfully frigid winters do no favours to concrete. A dramatic swing in temperatures and ice buildup can wreak havoc on concrete’s structural integrity, leading to unsightly cracks and crumbling.

Thankfully, Avangarde’s complete concrete restoration experts can repair, restore or replace all concrete finishes and structures.

concrete Restoration Brampton

Masonry Repairs

The freeze-thaw cycles of our region’s seasons can have a devastating effect on the structural integrity of a building’s brickwork, leading to unsightly crumbling and cracking.

But Avangarde employs master masonry technicians who easily diagnose and repair your damaged bricks or precast concrete ledges.

Masonry Repairs brampton

Sealant Replacement 

Do your utility bills seem higher than they should be? That might be the cause of some failing caulking or sealants across the exterior of your building. Whether it’s because of the weather or because it wasn’t properly installed in the first place, Avangarde will sweep the area and identify all potential sealant issues.

You’ll finally lower your utility bills and protect your property from water damage and even insect invasions.

Sealant Replacement brampton


Water is the enemy of nearly every structure and you need to protect your precious investment. Avangarde offers comprehensive waterproofing services for your home or business.

We’ll review your caulking, sealants and foundation to determine which sections need waterproofing right away.

Garage Structure Brampton

Underground parking garages, and parking garages in general, are susceptible to many problems because of how much they’re used as well as exposure to the elements. The concrete can become weak from facing severe heat and cold. You also need to consider the toll that salting can take throughout the winter, potentially compromising the stability of a concrete structure. 

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Concrete Repairs

If the concrete in your parking garage is starting to look cracked or poses a safety hazard to your visitors, it’s time to take action. Avangarde will perform a comprehensive investigation of all concrete surfaces and devise a plan to repair or replace damaged concrete before it becomes an irreparable issue.

Also, ask about our coating packages including mastic asphalt and urethane coatings to help waterproof and protect concrete.

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In most cases, underground parking garages tend to be at higher risk when it comes to water penetration. Avangarde can run through the best waterproofing practices and procedures to maximize the lifespan of your parking garage.

If you’re already experiencing issues with moisture, we will scan the area to determine if just one section of the entire structure requires additional waterproofing.

Ramp Remediation 

Ramp Remediation 

The garage ramp is among the most important features of a parking garage to maintain. It’s also the most heavily used section of the property because every vehicle must use it to enter and exit the space. Let Avangarde experts lead your garage restoration, ensuring proper drainage, repairing any cracks and implementing protection to shore up durability. 

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