Building Restoration Cambridge

Building Restoration

Cambridge homeowners know they can trust Avangarde with all their home restoration repairs. Our team of experienced contractors offer complete restoration services that you can rely on. We specialize in all areas of home restoration, from water damage to brick restoration. Whether your home is new or historic, we have the expertise to restore your building back to its original look.

Concrete Repairs

A good foundation is the key to keeping your building structurally sound. Our team of experts can resurface and restore your concrete, repairing cracks and damage at competitive prices.

We use the highest quality materials on your driveway, path, home foundation or other concrete surface.

Masonry Repairs

Over time, bricks can become weak and crumble. This is particularly common on older or historic homes. We offer a full range of brick restoration solutions including brick repair, replacement, joint repair and foundation repair, so you can restore the structural integrity of your building.

Our expert understands how important it is to maintain the look of your building, so we use materials and know-how to seamlessly repair your masonry so that any repairs blend into your facade unnoticed.

Sealant Replacement 

Weather and time can cause your exterior caulking to deteriorate. We provide expert sealant replacement on homes, condos, and other structures that will ensure that your building is protected from water and environmental damage.

We only use industry-leading products, so you can feel confident that your sealant replacement will stand the test of time.


Do you live on a flood plain or in an area that receives a lot of rainfall? Is your home beginning to experience leaks in the foundation or walls? Waterproofing can restore your home’s structural integrity and prevent water damage. It can be used on all areas of your home from the roof to foundation to walls.

We offer professional waterproofing services based on years of experience and knowledge. We can begin work immediately, so you don’t have to worry about water causing further damage. We’re proud to offer fast, friendly and affordable waterproofing solutions you can trust.

Garage Structure

Commercial and residential garages need to be protected from moisture damage. Having a warm, dry, and clean garage is the first step to preventing cracks or foundation issues. We offer garage structural repair and restoration services so you can maximize your garage’s functionality.

Concrete Repairs

Over time, wear and chemicals can cause the concrete floors or walls of your garage to crack or become uneven. This can lead to slips and falls and even damage your stored items.

Our team of expert concrete repair technicians will restore and seal your garage, keeping it safe from damage.


It’s important to keep it dry and free from moisture. Waterproofing can seal and protect your garage from moisture which can lead to mold and encourage pests.

In a few hours, our technicians can seal and protect walls, roofing and floors, so you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Ramp Remediation 

Usage and weather can damage garage ramps over time. This requires expert restoration services to make sure the ramp is fully repaired and safe for vehicles to use. We manage the entire remediation process, including:

  • Electric heating cables installation and repair
  • Asphalt, interlocking, mastic and concrete
  • Sidewalks, curbs, interlocking, asphalt and concrete pads

We take the stress out of ramp remediation, managing tear down and reconstruction, as well as installing preventative solutions to avoid further damage.

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