Building Restoration Mississauga

Building Restoration

Building Restoration Mississauga

Concrete Repairs

Concrete is an essential material in construction. While it is one of the most durable building materials, age and extreme weather changes can take a toll on building structures over time, causing the concrete to crack or heave. The weakening of concrete can create an unsafe environment for anyone occupying the building.

Avangarde is one of the leading concrete restoration contractors in the Mississauga & GTA that offers complete concrete restoration. We are proud to offer reliable concrete restoration solutions that give you peace of mind knowing you have an expert team on your side.

Mississauga Building Restoration

Masonry Repairs

Brick and masonry deterioration is one of the common signs of an aging building. A large part of the deterioration is due to harsh weather conditions including the freeze/thaw cycle buildings are exposed to.

As a top brick and masonry repair contractor in Mississauga, brick restoration is one of our specialties. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and equipment to restore your masonry to its original glory.

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Sealant Replacement 

Buildings rely on sealants to prevent any exterior caulking problems. There are a number of reasons why your sealant may be failing. It may be due to age, improper application, deterioration due to climate or the use of low-quality products.

Our job at Avangarde is to spot deteriorating sealants and fix them before the problem gets out of hand. We’re experts at sealant replacement in Mississauga and have completed countless ceiling projects across the region.

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When waterproofing membranes are applied to buildings, the lifespan of concrete can increase to up to 30 years. However, deterioration is inevitable, and at some point, waterproofing efforts need to be reinforced.

Trust a team known for excellent waterproofing services for all your waterproofing needs. In Mississauga, we will help you restore and preserve your building and keep it safe from water damage.

Garage Structure Mississauga

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Concrete Repairs

Underground parking garages are built to withstand a significant amount of weight. It is critical that the concrete remains strong and intact. Some of the causes of parking garage deterioration include general wear and tear, lamination from salt and other chemicals, and water damage.

Avangarde provides a quick response to any structural concerns you may have involving your parking garages. We offer a range of lasting concrete repair solutions in Mississauga you can count on.

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Water can have a disastrous effect on a parking garage. The source of this water is often leaking pipes or rainwater. The best way to protect your parking garage from water damage is to install waterproofing.

Our solution to water issues is robust waterproofing that keeps your parking garage safe and protected. Count on our team at Avangarde for reliable concrete waterproofing solutions in Mississauga.

Ramp Remediation 

Ramp Remediation 

If you have concerns about your garage ramp, now is the time to act. Garage ramp repairs are one of the common issues that come up with garage care. To keep your ramp safe and functional, it needs to be maintained and repaired when necessary.

We provide full restoration of parking garage ramps. Our team is fully equipped to handle any garage ramp issue that surfaces and is proud to be a top choice in concrete repair.

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