Building Restoration Oakville

Building Restoration

Concrete Repairs Oakville

Concrete Repairs

Over time, buildings tend to deteriorate. They can develop cracks or suffer damage from exposure to weather elements, damage from water leaks or other causes. Maintaining your building over the years plays a big part in the safety of the building.

This is why it is critical to hire a contractor who specializes in building restoration. Avangarde in Oakville is a top choice in building restoration across the GTA because we go the extra mile for your safety. We’re dedicated to providing superior concrete restoration services you can count on.

Masonry Repairs Oakville

Masonry Repairs

As brick ages, it weakens. Allowing a building to deteriorate can cause a risk to the occupants of that building. One of the dangers of deteriorating masonry is that mortar may weaken and potentially fall from an elevated position, becoming a safety hazard.

You need a team with a stellar track record. No other restoration company does brick restoration quite like our expert team in Oakville. Allow us to help you maintain the integrity of your building and keep danger at bay.

Sealant repair Oakville

Sealant Replacement 

There are several different types of sealants used in construction. Each with a different cost, performance and application method. Choosing the right sealant is just as important as the correct application. If applied incorrectly, the sealant can deteriorate quicker than it should or fail to provide a protective impermeable barrier.

Our building experts at Avangarde are well-versed in sealant replacement and application techniques in Oakville. We source high-quality products guaranteed to stand the test of time.

concrete waterproofing Oakville


Water penetration can occur above ground and underground. High-rise buildings with poorly caulked windows are particularly prone to above-ground water damage, so measures must be taken to repair and waterproof any compromised areas. To protect a building’s foundation from water, waterproofing membranes are installed.

When these begin to deteriorate, swift action must be taken to reinforce waterproofing measures. Avangarde is the team to call for building waterproofing in Oakville. We take the time to investigate the matter to see what is causing poor waterproofing performance and find ways to eliminate the problem. 

Garage Structure Oakville

concrete repair Oakville

Concrete Repairs

During the winter months, road salt, which is effective in de-icing sidewalks and other concrete surfaces, accelerates the deterioration and breakdown of concrete. This coupled with the range or temperature changes throughout the year can contribute to concrete damage.

Avangarde is committed to providing top-tier concrete restoration services in Oakville. Some of the common structural issues our team often addresses in parking garages include concrete crack repairs, painting and vehicular traffic coating repair. We’re confident in our ability to fix your concrete issue.

waterproofing services Oakville


Water can cause significant damage to a parking garage. Unfortunately, many underestimate the damage a small leak can cause. Architects and engineers adhere to strict waterproofing guidelines during the design and construction of parking garages. Over time, waterproofing membranes begin to weaken and measures need to be taken to restore the protective barrier.

Continued exposure to moisture can cause significant damage that will be expensive to fix. It will also weaken the parking garage structurally and jeopardize the safety of everyone accessing it. Hiring Avangarde to handle your waterproofing can make all the difference in Oakville.

Ramp Remediation

Ramp Remediation 

Keeping your garage ramp safe and durable is important. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure ramp issues are resolved efficiently and safely. From precast to post-tension and drain assemblies, our Avangarde team has you covered!

Contact us today for expedient, dependable and affordable concrete restoration services.

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