Building Restoration Richmond Hill

Building Restoration

Concrete Repairs

When it comes to building restoration and concrete repairs across Richmond Hill, nobody does it quite like Avangarde. We are the concrete restoration contractors you can trust. We are proud to offer a full scope of surface concrete repair services including concrete restoration. Whether itโ€™s concrete wall repair, concrete crack repair, or even foundation services, our team of licensed professionals can handle it all.

Our team specializes in surface delamination โ€“ this refers to a process where we remove the delaminated concrete and make the rebar rust-free. We will also replace any broken pieces with fresh concrete. Soffit repair or sheer wall repairs, we can do it all!

Masonry Repairs

Avangarde provides a wide range of masonry services including brick repair and replacement, mortar joint repairs, restoration of brick mortar, and even masonry foundation repair. Best of all, our prices are affordable and sure to meet all budgets.

Our masonry services include replacing any deteriorated, spalled, or cracked bricks, along with both block and stone units. Tuckpoint repairs are also available – this process sees the existing mortar removed and the joints cleaned, before installing fresh mortar.

Sealant Replacement 

Keeping moisture from entering buildings is vital when it comes to maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of the structure. The best way you can protect from water penetrating is to re-caulk the exterior around windows and doorways.

In fact, itโ€™s recommended to replace caulking every five to ten years in order to be most effective. When it comes to buildings with window panes made of metal, we use a special glazing method in order to achieve watertightness.


Mitigating potential damage from water is extremely important when it comes to protecting buildings and homes. Fortunately, Avangarde has years of experience waterproofing all sorts of different buildings. We have many different methods, materials, and tools to utilize in all different waterproofing situations. There are five specific areas of commercial waterproofing that we handle, all of which require specialized methods to ensure effective results and longevity. 

The waterproofing services we offer include:

  • Garage roof slab
  • Garage floor membrane
  • Garage ramp waterproofing
  • Balcony floor slab (waterproofing membrane)
  • Building walls and retaining walls

Garage Structure

Concrete Repairs

Avangarde are the experts when it comes to repairs and restoration projects involving commercial garage structures.

It is not uncommon for concrete to break away and crack over time. This is especially true for parking structure repairs that are located underground.


We provide full waterproofing services for all different garage structures. When it comes to waterproofing underground garages, the concrete garage slabs are affixed with a waterproof membrane in order to prevent moisture from penetrating.

However, this solution isnโ€™t permanent, and over time, the membrane can break down. Typically, they have a two to three-decade lifespan.

Ramp Remediation 

Ramp reconstruction services is another excellent service provided by Avangarde. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle all sorts of ramp repair projects. 

These include: 

  • Ramp access systems repair
  • Trench and ramp drain repair
  • Leak repair
  • Ramp wall repair
  • Asphalt repair
  • Floor repair
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