Building Restoration Vaughan

Building Restoration

Looking for complete restoration contractors in Vaughan? All buildings are susceptible to wear and tear over time from general use and of course, the wild weather that comes with living in the Greater Toronto Area. Avangarde is here to help you repair old damage and prevent new damage.

Building Restoration Vaughan

Concrete Repairs

There’s a reason the city’s road crews never seem to stop working. Concrete in Southern Ontario takes a serious beating from snow, ice, and all the salt we use to get rid of slick conditions after a winter storm.

Our certified complete concrete restoration specialists in Vaughan can identify all cosmetic and structural issues. Avangarde concrete experts can also implement prevention strategies, saving you a lot of cash in the long run. 

vaughan Building Restoration

Masonry Repairs

Bricks are an excellent siding option. Durable, energy-efficient, and timeless. But no brick wall can last forever. Again, the yearly barrage of ice and snow can do serious damage to your bricks and mortar — acting as a catalyst for cracking and crumbling.

Avangarde masonry experts in Vaughan know how to identify brick failure and successfully repair the problem before it gets worse.

Sealant Replacement vaughan

Sealant Replacement 

If it feels like your hydro bill’s been a bit inflated lately, it could be blamed on failing sealants and ageing caulking that has weakened or cracked. This will allow inside air to escape — and the outside air to come in. A sealant deficiency also puts you at a higher risk of insect infestation.

The professionals at Avangarde know how to expertly target the damaged areas of your property and replace or patch existing caulking and sealants that don’t meet our high standards of quality installation in Vaughan.

Waterproofing vaughan


If there’s one rule about keeping a good building is to keep out as much moisture as possible.

Customized waterproofing solutions from Avangarde’s team in Vaughan including membrane installation on your foundation, as well as protection from enhanced caulking and sealant installation around all joints and windows.

Garage Structure Vaughan

Parking structure repair and maintenance are so important. A crumbling structure is not only a gloomy prospect but a dangerous one. Avangarde’s expert restoration team has the knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to evaluate, repair and protect your parking structure. We implement custom solutions to defend from decay and moisture penetration.

Garage Structure Vaughan

Concrete Repairs

Canadian winters and summers are incredibly hard on all forms of concrete. But Avangarde in Vaughan uses state-of-the-art coatings, specifically designed for parking garages, that can defend and protect from salt and ice.

Our specially engineered compounds including variations of mastic asphalt or urethane can help preserve your structure and save you money on repairs.

concrete waterproofing vaughan


Given that most parking garages are situated at least partially underground, this leaves them vulnerable to moisture penetration. With Avangarde’s parking garage restoration expertise, we can easily diagnose to determine if the entire garage requires waterproofing measures, or if protecting one section, in particular, is suitable for your needs, ultimately saving you money in Vaughan.

You’ll never regret investing in proper waterproofing to protect your investment and your customers, clients or employees.

Ramp Remediation Vaughan

Ramp Remediation 

It’s essential to keep your parking garage’s ramp in good working condition. Regular use, ice storms, salt, and other natural elements can degrade the quality of your ramp and lead to premature cracking and crumbling. Restoration professionals at Avangarde can repair existing damage and work to protect your ramp from future issues. 

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