Building Restoration Waterloo

Building Restoration

Has years of service and harsh winters left your building looking old and outdated? A facelift from the Waterloo restoration experts at Avangarde may be just what you need to breathe new life into your home or business. Our team specializes in retrofits and repairs that maximize energy efficiency and enhance aesthetics — returning your building to its former glory.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete is a versatile and strong building material, but even the highest quality concrete can’t withstand the wicked winters and sizzling summers of Southern Ontario forever. Wild temperature swings and excessive salting through the snowy season can trigger premature cracking and crumbling.

Avangarde’s concrete restoration contractors are standing by to diagnose and repair all of your concrete issues before it’s too late.

Masonry Repairs

Brick is another beautiful building material with so many uses, but it’s also susceptible to wear and tear that comes from years of bearing the brunt of mother nature.

Avangarde’s masonry team specializes in identifying structural deficiencies in brick as well as making cosmetic repairs that can make your bricks look new and last for many more years to come. Leave the brick restoration to us.

Sealant Replacement 

The secret to keeping your utility bills under control is to ensure your building is efficiently trapping air inside as your HVAC system works to control the temperature. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your sealants and caulking are in good condition and give you that tight seal you need for it to be effective.

Avangarde sealant experts will work diligently to make sure that your property is protected from water leaks and insect infestations.


The key to making a structure last as long as possible is to keep excessive moisture out of the building at all costs.

Avangarde offers premium waterproofing services including foundation membrane installation, as well as sealant and caulking top-ups. Our professionals know where to look to find the trouble and fix it fast!

Garage Structure

One of the most requested restoration projects we get at Avangarde is for parking structure repair in Waterloo. The structures’ tendency to be situated at least partially underground means that the building is more at risk of flooding and excessive damage from moisture invasion.

Combine that with wild temperature swings throughout the year, and your parking garage is probably going to need some occasional work.

Concrete Repairs

To ensure structural integrity and your parking garage’s usability, you’ll want to be sure that you’re having your concrete supports inspected regularly. Salting and the freeze-thaw of the seasons can lead to cracking and crumbling that has to be addressed as soon as possible.

Avangarde uses special coatings such as urethane and mastic asphalt to weatherproof your concrete and protect it from future damage.


If you want to maximize the lifespan of your garage, trust Avangarde to deliver premium waterproofing services.

Whether it’s for the entire structure or just one section of your parking garage, we’ll work with you to determine the problem and fix it efficiently at the best cost possible.

Ramp Remediation 

As a standalone element of a parking garage structure, the ramp is integral to the overall functionality of a building. Avangarde’s restoration professionals in Waterloo will investigate to see how we can maximize drainage, fix any cracks or structural instabilities, and install protective coatings that will defend against salt, weather, and regular everyday use. 

Avangarde is ready to help you with restoration services in Waterloo. Talk to us right now to book your free consultation.

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