Caulking and Glazing Toronto

Avangarde’s caulking and glazing services in Toronto protect your commercial properties by keeping water, moisture, and debris sealed out tightly, leaving your structure safe and sound. Though we use both glazing and caulking to close gaps and form a strong seal, the two materials are not the same. In general, glazing is used to seal a glass window and frame, an effective method to combat air leaks and retain heat during cold weather, whereas caulking is a flexible seal used to cover up unsightly cracks, gaps, and holes on the outside of your building.

If you need specialized exterior building restoration and maintenance services done fast and efficiently, contact our Avangarde team today for quality products and workmanship for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the GTA.

Commercial Caulking & Glazing Toronto

At Avangarde, we prioritize restoring and maintaining the health of your building through industrial glazing and commercial caulking in Toronto.

Whether you are looking to prevent water damage, improve energy efficiency, keep pests out, safeguard the structure integrity, or maintain a clean and healthy airflow with clean finishes and smooth lines, our contractors’ quality commercial glazing and caulking services ensure the condition of your building will prosper.

Benefits of Commercial Caulking and Glazing Toronto

There are several benefits of using Avangarde’s caulking and glazing techniques on your commercial property.

These include:

  • Preserving the Value of your Building
  • Combating Pest Infestations
  • Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Sealing Cracks and Crevices
  • Preventing Water Penetration and Weather Damage
  • Saving on Electricity Costs
  • Extending Building Lifespan
  • Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

Caulking Solutions for High Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings are prone to wear and tear, and when caulking begins to pull away, crack, or break off over time, these fractured areas are difficult to access. When we arrive at your property in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA, we accurately assess your high-rise building, looking for any damage and identifying the source of the issue. In some cases, a simple repair is sufficient however, depending on the situation, a full replacement caulking may be necessary.

Hiring professionals with the experience our commercial caulking contractors have is important because improper caulking installation can cause huge damage if left unresolved.

Why choose us

Avangarde’s team of licensed and insured tradespeople have extensive experience providing restoration and maintenance services on your residential and commercial properties using both caulking and glazing techniques. We’ve worked on all size buildings from high-rise to smaller condominiums, and always offer outstanding, quality-assured services at reasonable prices. But don’t just take our word for it!

Our warranty of 2 to 5 years guarantees out full commitment, covering all insurance liability elements such as labour maintenance, materials, damage control, and follow-up repairs. Contact Avangarde to receive a free quote and price plan and waste no more time securing the health and safety of your building.


What are the common signs that my commercial building needs caulking or glazing in Toronto?

The best method to determine whether your commercial building needs caulking or glazing is to simply go outside and check for these common signs:

  • Cracks or chips in your windowpane
  • Water into leaking into your windows
  • The putty is falling out

Also, while indoors, be cognisant of whether you:

  • Feel a draft
  • Notice condensation
  • See your energy bills are rising
  • Have troubles working your windows
How often should caulking and glazing be done on a commercial building?

Professionals have varying opinions when asked this question. Though some contractors believe caulking and glazing can last as long as 5 years typically, your building should be inspected at least once a year for cracks and vulnerabilities. If you are unsure when to replace caulking, call a professional like Avangarde to receive a professional’s eye for inspection and they can perform either glazing or caulking work on it after discovering any issues.

Can caulking and glazing help improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings?

Yes! One way to improve your commercial building’s energy efficiency is caulking and glazing its exterior. By sealing vulnerable spots, you are no longer allowing unwanted air to enter or exit the building.

What maintenance is required after caulking and glazing are completed?

To maintain caulking and glazing, contact a professional repair, restoration, and maintenance company like Avangarde. It is difficult to access the tall and large areas of your building’s exterior thus, it is much safer and more effective to avoid DIY maintenance.

How long does the caulking and glazing process typically take?

The caulking and glazing process typically takes up to 2 weeks, but this can vary based on the size of your building, the type of caulking used impacts the drying and curing time, and the scope of the project at large.

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