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Concrete Repair

In the world of concrete restoration in Toronto, it’s an especially important factor of consideration if you maintain a condo building, apartment building or commercial highrise, simply due to the sheer size of the structures. In some cases, it can also be the complexity of the design.

Extensive concrete damage that goes unchecked and unattended could pose serious risks if crumbling occurs. Decaying concrete decreases property value. The longer concrete damage goes unfixed, the more expensive it becomes to eventually repair it. The concrete experts at Avangarde want to help you.


Premier Concrete Repair Contractor

At Avangarde, we pride ourselves on being Toronto’s preferred concrete repair contractor. It all has to do with our method. We stay current on modern tools and techniques to generate and install the best concrete possible. Our skilled concrete professionals use a personalized strategy for every client that ensures you get what you want by the project’s end — with no compromises on your satisfaction.

We instil a sense of open and honest communication with every one of our representatives including designers, tradespeople and contractors — so you always feel in control of the project and not afraid to ask many questions about the process.


Concrete Resurfacing Services Toronto

If your concrete surfaces are suffering from unsightly chips, crackers or any other type of damage, then you’ll want to plan for concrete resurfacing in Toronto.

Not only does resurfacing restore the fine look of the concrete facade, but it increases the durability of the exterior, leading to fewer maintenance costs over time — and an impressive look that you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with.

And your creativity won’t be stifled in the slightest. Account for your building’s identity or your tastes by considering various colours and finishes. If you want cost-effective restorations and renovations, then concrete resurfacing can help boost value.


Type of Concrete Restorations We Offer

Avangarde concrete professionals are always ready to tackle any kind of concrete repair job you may have for your commercial building or residential highrise.

Concrete balcony repairs

There is no compromise when it comes to concrete repairs and concrete balconies are involved. It’s not just an issue of aesthetics, but also an issue of safety for the occupants of your building.

Over time, rain, snow and ice can degrade the durability of concrete balconies, leading to cracking and a weakening of the structure. Avangarde goes to work on your concrete balconies to waterproof, reinforce and resurface your balconies. They will look great and keep everyone safe.


Building wall, slab edge, and column repairs

Even more important than the nicest-looking parts of your building, are the structural essentials made from concrete wall repair, concrete column repair, as well as slab edges.

Over time, they will degrade whether from overuse or exposure to mother nature. Avangarde will utilize our modern tools and repair techniques to restore your building to full durability giving you and your building’s occupants peace of mind for many years to come.


Sidewalks, curbs, and floor repairs

To decrease your liability, you must pay attention to the necessary concrete repairs when it comes to floors, curbs and concrete sidewalks.

It’s on you, and it’s easy to minimize the risk of accidents and do your part to ensure the structural integrity of these elements of your property.

Avangarde will swiftly and safely restore everything with special techniques for filling cracks, levelling and resurfacing.


Why Choose Us

Visually appealing and safe, this is what every property manager or building owner should strive for when it comes to the well-being and happiness levels of the occupants. Whether it’s a condo building, apartment building or commercial highrise, Avangarde has a team of concrete repair experts standing by to walk you through the logistics of a fast and effective concrete repair project at your site. We are committed to finishing repairs on time and within budget to minimize the disruption to your building’s day-to-day operations.

Avangarde is Toronto’s best concrete repair company because we truly care about our client’s satisfaction with our work. Every one of our crew members is fully trained, licensed and insured to provide high-quality work, affirming your decision to go with Avangarde for all of your future concrete repair projects.

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