Concrete Waterproofing

Do you need concrete waterproofing now? Avangarde specializes in commercial waterproofing buildings and concrete sealers – parking garages and other structures. We are passionate about producing first-class results for this essential service.

Neglecting your concrete could have disastrous consequences, costing you even more money in the long run and putting clients or employees at risk.

Concrete Waterproofing

Why is commercial Concrete waterproofing important for your building?


If left untreated, the constant presence of water on concrete surfaces can slowly erode the structural integrity of your concrete leading to runaway erosion, large cracks and even structural damage. This can be made worse by the presence of salt from melting ice and snow every winter.

Investment in concrete waterproofing right now ensures your concrete is safe from moisture, reducing how much you spend on maintenance and saving you from having to build a new structure altogether.

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Is Your Building at Higher Risk of Concrete Water Damage?

Many factors determine how susceptible your commercial property is to concrete water damage including the age of the building, the age of the foundation and in the case of a parking garage, the deck’s surface condition.

Avangarde concrete waterproofing contractors in Toronto quickly and effectively analyze your property, pinpointing the precise cause of leaks and in many cases tracking down future issues, stopping them before they even start. That’s why building waterproofing is so important.

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Our Concrete Waterproofing Services

Balcony and terrace waterproofing: You can’t stop cracks from forming in concrete, especially if it’s a surface that’s outside such as a balcony or terrace. Usually, within 10 years, cracks will start to develop and this is mainly due to stress produced by the constant freeze-thaw cycle of Canadian weather. Avangarde will quickly diagnose whether the concrete damage on your balconies and or terraces is cosmetic or structural. From there, we will develop an action plan.

Underground garage waterproofing: Another one of Avangarde’s specialties is waterproofing parking garages. Mostly made from concrete, these structures require extra special care such as Xypex concrete waterproofing, epoxy injections and grout patching. Once the contractors have finished the concrete repairs, they will assess the concrete’s performance with advanced testing methods, while assessing the rest of the property for potential issues shortly.

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Our Expertise in Building Waterproofing

At Avangarde, we only send fully insured and certified contractors to your property to undertake all projects with a customer-focused philosophy with an emphasis on providing the best customer service possible.

Our skilled technicians also offer emergency repair services, because when it comes to foundation waterproofing in Toronto and other commercial waterproofing services, you need fast, reliable service.

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Contact Your Local Waterproofing Company Toronto

You can’t underestimate the importance of good-quality concrete waterproofing and concrete maintenance. Save time and minimize the stress of managing or owning a commercial property by investing in the structural integrity of your buildings.

As the most trusted waterproofing company in Toronto, we want to help. Contact Avangarde today to book your free consultation.

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