Emergency Repair Service

Nobody plans for an emergency to happen, but when it does, it is reassuring to know that there is a reliable contractor, capable to handle all the aspects of emergency repair, who will be able quickly to restore things to normal with a budget in mind.

At Avangarde, our building maintenance experts are quick, reactive, and able to handle any building emergency and bring your building back to top condition.

We Have Got You Covered Whatever the Emergency Is
  • Floods & leaks
  • Structural damages
  • Facade cracks
  • Wind damage
  • Damages to sidewalks, paving and interlocking

At Avangarde Restoration we believe that when disaster strikes, our client’s peace of mind is a top priority. We know that pulling together the reserve funds, and dealing with the consequences of the emergency at the same time, is very stressful.

We Do Everything in Our Power to Resolve Your Building Emergency

We are well-equipped and staffed to take care of emergency repairs and full restoration as soon as you call. When you contact Avangarde, you receive:

  • Transparent cost estimate and clear communication
  • Reliable time frames
  • High-quality of our work

We are well equipped and staffed to take care of the emergency repair and full restoration right after your call, so you will not have to worry about the hard part.

Emergency Structural Damage Repair Services

We are experienced in the following:

Why Call Avangarde?

We will be best qualified to help you bring the best of manpower, equipment, and technology to your building. We cover all the aspects of restoration, so you will have to deal with one company with a successful track record of project management instead of multiple independent teams. It will guarantee you:

  • Lower and predictable cost of the project
  • Clear project scope from the start
  • Straightforward communication
  • Better timeframes

And you should expect no less from a full-service restoration contractor!

If the nature of the damage requires further assessment by a structural engineer, or any other test or conclusion from other building experts, we will make sure the area is secured, safely sealed and further deterioration or damage is effectively prevented (if possible).

The good part of an emergency restoration is that in the process you will be able to improve the features of your building with better building materials and application of modern technologies which will allow you to save in the long run.

We work with all major building insurances companies and policies, and will make sure that all the paperwork is completed on time so that you can file the claim and receive the funds as soon as possible.

We hope that the emergency won’t happen in your building, but if it happens Avangarde Restoration is one call away.

Avangarde Restoration Corp.