Parking Garage Restoration

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Your building’s garage is in a higher traffic area – and it performs triple duty: it is leveraging pressure of the entire building weight, foundation weight shifts, and direct damage from traffic and emission gas. No wonder it often deteriorates and requires concrete repair more than any other part of a building structure.

Concrete life expectancy in a building’s underground parking garage may easily be reduced to 10-15 years from 35-40 if not properly maintained. Although it is a very valued amenity that adds value to your building, it is still a liability and a source of hassle in your building maintenance procedure.

As with all building restoration projects, concrete garage repairs will cost you less if you detect the problem early.

Signs your garage needs concrete repairs:

Cracks in the garage columns, beams, and shear walls

While some cracks in the beams might be quite harmless and require only cosmetic repair, some may signal a serious structural problem with the building. If a few sections in your garage structure display the same pattern of cracks in the same direction, the garage concrete cannot be left untreated.

Cracks on the garage deck

Once cracks develop on the concrete garage deck they grow bigger literally by day – with the car tires crumbling the crack edges. Not only they become an immediate threat to the cars, but metal rods used for reinforcement and stability of the concrete slabs may get exposed and damages as the result.

Ramp surface cracks

Ramp takes a lot of abuse, moreover, it is exposed to the elements with temperature drops, thaws and melts and moisture added to the cars using brakes here more than anywhere else.

Moisture and cracking in garage walls

It is important to check the walls of the garage for the signs of moisture. If there are any cracks, the moisture from the ground, especially with rain, will start to penetrate the underground garage walls. This may cause the garage foundation to have serious problems and lose its waterproofing features.

Catch basins and trench drains erosion

Catch basins and trench drains are designed to handle and divert water overflow in the garage. As it is frequently exposed to moisture in these structural elements, the concrete tends to erode in a parking garage structure faster, risking system failure altogether.

After we determine the level of damage in an underground parking garage structure, we will use one of the following methods for garage concrete repairs:

  • Low-pressure injection
  • Epoxy injection
  • Polyurethane injection
  • Gravity feed with resin

We will evaluate the situation and will offer you a cost-effective solution that will bring you outstanding long-term results.


In modern high rises, the basement and underground space also double as an underground parking garage. This allows the residents to have convenient access to their vehicles, and, of course, increase its attraction and value of the building. In fact, for those owning cars and living downtown Toronto, it is a must, and the whole decision of buying or renting an apartment may depend solely on this feature.

Garage waterproofing comes with a high cost in terms of regular maintenance. Vehicles coming in and out of the parking garage structure bring moisture and salt off their tires, quickening surface deterioration. The incline ramp leading into the garage might also contribute to direct garage flooding and excess of moisture.

The structural advantage of the underground garage is that the interior of the foundation remains accessible. This means any potential foundation waterproofing problems can be spotted and addressed with foundation wall crack injections.

At Avangarde Restoration, we offer a full spectrum of maintenance measures that will take care of your garage waterproofing long term:

  • Hot applied waterproofing
  • Mastic waterproofing
  • Crystalline waterproofing
  • Vehicular thin systems deck traffic coatings
Garage waterproofing factors
  • Age of the building
  • Building location
  • Potential risks for flooding and catch basins overflow
  • Foundation age and condition
  • Garage deck surface condition
  • Catch basin system layout

Along with immediate waterproofing measures, we will offer recommendations on long-term strategies that will help to minimize the risk and extend the service of garage materials already in use.

No matter whether your building is using the underground parking only for its residents, or offers pay parking services to guests, regular maintenance and waterproofing is a priority. We at Avantgarde Restoration would love to offer you our expertise in garage maintenance and our commitment to quality.


Ramp Remediation

We at Avangarde Restoration specialize in ramp remediation. A ramp remediation project requires a lot of experience on the contractor’s part, and we are proud to offer our skills and expertise in the garage maintenance field.

Garage ramps, no matter what the surface is, experience extensive wear and tear. It is one of the building elements with the fastest rate of decline in condition. It is affected by extra tire pressure, with drivers using breaks in this area more than anywhere else in the parking garage.

In many garage designs, the ramp starts outdoors to allow entry if the street level is higher than the garage entrance and a big part of it is directly affected by weather elements such as freeze and thaw cycles.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, concrete, as well as any other surface on garage ramps, is extremely susceptible to:

  • Scaling
  • Surface abrasion
  • Cracking

Maintaining the ramp surface in good shape is essential for vehicle and pedestrian safety. There is very little that you can do to prevent the damage to the garage ramps unless you have snowmelt systems installed at the time of construction. Still, timely inspection goes a long way.

As part of ramp remediation, we offer:
  • Electric heating cables installation and repair
  • Asphalt, interlocking, mastic and concrete
  • Sidewalks, curbs, interlocking, asphalt and concrete pads
  • Catch basins and drains

Our ramp remediation team at Avangarde Restoration is equipped to handle any repair and restoration project. From complete teardown and rebuild to patch-ups and preventive measures, we are proudly at your service.

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